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RI Attorney General Warns of Jury Duty Scam

RI Attorney General Warns of Jury Duty Scam

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Rhode Island's attorney general is warning people of a scam in which callers claiming to be from the sheriff's office demand payment for skipping out on jury duty.

Attorney General Peter Kilmartin's office said Tuesday that the perpetrators of the scam call people and accuse them of failing to show up for jury duty. The caller says they face immediate arrest unless they make a credit card payment.

In reality, people who fail to appear for jury duty are contacted by the office of the state jury commissioner and are asked to reschedule their jury service. In addition, no law enforcement agency may demand credit card payment over the phone to prevent an arrest.

Kilmartin says anyone that receives a call relating to the scam should call their local police.

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